Virtual Baking And Craft Ideas For The Holidays

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Virtual baking and craft ideas for the holidays

Tasty baked treats and beautiful decorations have long been a treasured tradition of the holidays. Even though we might not be able to celebrate the holidays with large groups this year, we can still bake and decorate together virtually. Here are a few tasty ideas for baking and craft activities you can do with family and friends online. 

Decorate holiday cookies

It’s easy to turn holiday cookies into a virtual event by scheduling a time with your family and friends to decorate cookies together. Plan to bake cookies ahead of time and ensure they’re cooled before your scheduled decorating session. Then chat and catch up with loved ones as you swirl, drizzle and sprinkle your creations. You can even bake cookies ahead of time and assemble decorating kits for family and friends, then mail them or drop off kits at their front doors to make the process easier for everyone. 

Gingerbread house challenge

Add a competitive element to your virtual holiday baking party by hosting a gingerbread house-building challenge. Set a timer and see how quickly and elegantly your friends and family can build a gingerbread house. Keeping the video streaming while you assemble is a fun way to share in each others’ accomplishments and epic fails. It’s a great activity for those less talented in the kitchen since you don’t need to worry about turning on the oven. Plus, ensuring that everyone orders or buys the same gingerbread kit creates a level playing field. 

Stringing holiday garland

For a more relaxing and therapeutic activity, why not string together lengths of popcorn garland over Zoom with loved ones? It’s an easy activity and can be kid-friendly with supervision. Choose or make coloured popcorn for a brighter display, or purchase some cranberries for an extra decorative touch. Waxed dental floss makes it easier to pass popped kernels through without breaking. Work with short lengths at a time, around three feet, then connect lengths afterwards so that you don’t have to thread popcorn through an extra-long piece of string.

Make ornaments out of salt dough

Another fun kid-friendly activity that’ll add to the decor of your home is to make ornaments from dough made out of salt, flour and water. After making the dough, roll it out and use cookie cutters to form fun shapes. You can also cut out circles to make handprint cookies. Remember to create a small hole with a skewer or chopstick before baking so that the ornament can be hung. Once the shapes are baked, dried and cooled, hop online and decorate them with family and friends on Zoom. You can use the same paint that your kids use for crafts. Tie a string through the ornament once the paint has dried and hang it on your holiday tree or around your house. You can even package them up and give them to loved ones as a personalized gift. 

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