Style Tips For Virtual Holiday Parties

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Style tips for virtual holiday parties

Holiday parties will be different this year, hosted over Zoom or through video chats. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t get dressed up and decorate for the occasion. Impress your friends, family and coworkers with these style and decor ideas for virtual holiday parties.

Use contrast to your benefit

To help yourself stand out, consider what the background will be to your Zoom session. If you’re wearing a red sweater and have a red wall as a background, you might end up looking like a ‘floating head’ because your body will blend into the wall. So opt for a colour that contrasts with the wall behind you.

Go solid in festive colours and use patterns and sparkle with caution

Holiday parties can be a fun time to break out your sparkly or patterned festive favourites, but do it in moderation. Busy patterns are traditionally discouraged during professional Zoom meetings because they can be distracting, but there is some leeway for casual gatherings. Instead of a full patterned shirt, opt for a patterned tie. Instead of a full glitter top, opt for a pair of sparkly earrings. 

Sit-test your outfit

While your go-to holiday outfit might be perfect for cocktails or mingling, your Zoom party will be happening while you’re seated. So make sure the outfit is comfortable, and looks good, from a seated position. Some tops that are too tight may bunch awkwardly when seated, while others that have a lot of drape may flow awkwardly. So opt for something in between. 

Dress up your background

Alternatively, you can also dress up your background to suit the occasion. Use a garment rail to hang an old sheet or a festive tablecloth as your background, or if the material is lightweight you can also use painter’s tape to affix it to the wall just for a day. For a fun effect, you could also hang lights behind the sheet for extra twinkle, but be sure that you have a stronger light source, such as a lamp, illuminating your face from behind your computer screen to ensure that the lights won’t be competing with your face. If you plan to have decor items like a Christmas tree or Hanukkah menorah in the background, you may want to do a few trial runs to figure out the best placement for these holiday items and to ensure that your face is still visible and well-lit.

Opt for a virtual background

If you haven’t yet discovered this Zoom feature, it’s definitely a fun one to play around with. Simply upload a photo of your choice and Zoom will place you in the background, much like how a green screen works. This is a great option if you haven’t had time to tidy your home before your virtual party, or are lacking in holiday decor. For some fun backgrounds, try a snowy winter scene or a crackling fireplace. Or try to dig up some photos from last year’s holiday party at work or with your group of friends to recreate the fun.

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