COVID-Friendly Virtual Holiday Activities

Father and adorable daughter in red hat building gingerbread house

COVID-friendly virtual holiday activities 

The holidays may look different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate online with family, friends and coworkers. Make your Zoom holiday parties extra special with these creative ideas incorporating your most favourite winter activities. Here are a few festive and fun ways to celebrate the holidays this year. 

Host a holiday scavenger hunt

Take advantage of friends and family being at home and logging in for the party. Hos a holiday scavenger hunt which requires participants to gather materials from their own homes. It’s a fun way to change up the usual sit-down-and-chat Zoom format. Some ideas for challenges are: who can find the most holiday cards around their home, who has the ugliest Christmas sweater and whose holiday tree is the tallest. 

Host a baking challenge

One of our most favourite things about the holidays is all the delicious baking that happens. While you might not be able to taste each others’ fresh treats right out of the oven, you can still host a Great Canadian Baking Show-worthy challenge by having guests decorate a cake with a personal, elaborate theme. You can assign a panel of judges to determine the winner based on aesthetics, execution and the story behind their cake and decorating theme. Even if everyone tuning into the video stream isn’t judging or baking themselves, it’ll still be fun to watch. 

Host a virtual winter beverage workshop

If holiday tipples are your most favourite part of the holidays, then this virtual party idea is for you. Design a menu of 2-3 holiday beverages and send out a list of ingredients for your other participants to purchase in advance. Then host a cocktail-making workshop live on Zoom and have each participant follow along at home. Some ideas of holiday beverages include mulled wine, which you can make at the beginning of the workshop and enjoy at the end after it has mulled, a spiked latte and a minty candy cane cocktail. You can make the activity kid-friendly too by creating non-alcoholic beverages like a holiday punch or mint hot chocolate.

Host a live gift exchange

You can still uphold the tradition of exchanging gifts and unwrapping presents with family by doing it virtually. It’s certainly a favourite holiday event for children. Drop off or have presents delivered well in advance of the day you’re celebrating. Take turns opening so that each recipient and gift-giver has a moment to enjoy the unveiling. Secret Santa exchanges can still happen too, so long as you plan ahead and deliver gifts before the big day. Traditions like guessing who bought your present can still easily happen through Zoom.

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